Published: 2020-06-11 11:24 | Updated: 2020-08-31 13:02

Call for pedagogic development project proposals

Call for development of existing courses at basic, advanced and doctoral levels. Deadline 17 September.

To enhance the quality of education at KI and support our highly competent and committed teaching teams in their development of courses using modern pedagogy and digital tools, the Committee for Higher Education and the Committee for Doctoral Education (via the Course and Programme Committee) have allocated funds for the Academic Year of 20/21.

The Committee for Higher Education has allocated a total of SEK 3 million to applications given the highest priority among first and second cycle courses. Individual projects may be granted a maximum amount of SEK 1 million. The Committee for Doctoral Education has, via the Course and Programme Committee, allocated around SEK 1 million to applications given the highest priority among doctoral courses.

This initiative provides the resources necessary for the Teaching and Learning Unit to support and fund both teachers and their teaching time. Courses developed within the framework of this initiative shall serve as inspiration in general for teachers and programmes at KI and promote future educational development through the dissemination of experiences. This call for proposals aims to pave the way for, for example, best practices, the benefits of which will be enjoyed by the entire KI.

The project should preferably incorporate one or more generic competencies such as interprofessional learning, internationalisation, sustainable development, ethics and equal opportunities. Should any of the above be of relevance to the course content, it must be stated in the application form.

Application workshop

Participants in this call for proposals are encouraged to participate in the Application Workshop run by the Teaching and Learning Unit on 4 September.

The aim of the workshop, titled ‘Course Design using the ABC Method’, is to facilitate the design of applications by supporting the participants in their development and concretisation of the course content as well as implementation and support/collaboration.

Criteria and assessment

Applications are reviewed by a panel of assessors appointed by the Committee for Higher Education and the Committee for Doctoral Education subsequent to which, funds are granted based on the following criteria:

  • Project quality and anticipated results
  • The realistic expectations of the project in terms of implementation and resources
  • Opportunities for dissemination of results (best practice)
  • Opportunities for follow-up/evaluation of results


The application and assessment process follow the schedule below. The funds granted for the initiation of a project will be made available once a decision has been made by the respective Committee.

  • 17 August - Call for proposals is announced
  • 4 September (1 p.m. – 3 p.m.) Application Workshop given by the Teaching and Learning Unit
  • 17 September (6 p.m.) - Call for proposals deadline
  • 18 - 30 September - Applications assessed by a panel of assessors
  • October - the Committee for Higher Education and the Course and Programme Committee decide on the respective awarding of funds


Application should be sent to no later than 17 September 6 p.m. Use application form below (max. 4 pages).



Philip Malmgren Administrative officer