Published: 08-05-2023 09:00 | Updated: 08-05-2023 09:00

Call for nomination of speakers to The KI South Distinguished Lecture Series

The KI South Distinguished Lecture series at the Karolinska Institutet South Campus welcomes outstanding international scientists to present their latest discoveries and concepts of interest to a broad range of biomedical researchers, clinicians and students. The seminar series started in May, 2021 and holds up to 4 lectures/year.

PI:s at KI South are welcome to nominate outstanding lecturers to this lecture series.

The nomination deadline for 2024 lecturers is June 12, 2023.

Your nomination is to be submitted by e-mail to for consideration.

All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the Seminar Series.


  • A short talk given by a local early career researcher/junior PI working at KI South to introduce the subject (15 min)
  • KI South Distinguished Lecture by prestigious international speaker (45 min)
  • Afternoon reception and interaction with the speakers and researchers
  • Dinner for a small group including the speaker and researchers from KI South

Speaker selection

All PIs at KI South are invited to submit proposals. The proposing PI should also act as the host for the invited speaker.

The local KI South speaker will be selected through the nominations and decided upon at the same time as the distinguished lecturer.

Once selected, KI South Distinguished Lecture Group and the respective host will invite the lecturers, work on the program and the administrative details supported by the host’s departments administration.

For more information

Please contact the representatives of the KI South Distinguished Lecture Group at your department.

For administrative questions

Please contact the coordinator of Dean KI South (coordinator of the lecture group).


Please use the attached nomination form