Published: 11-05-2020 16:17 | Updated: 08-10-2020 13:36

Call for funding: Postdoctoral Researchers/Assistant Professors, Blue Sky Grant and Project Grant in health care 2020-2021

The Strategic Research Area in Health Care Science (SFO-V) announce call for funding in health care science 2020-2021.

Announcement of funding for Postdoctoral Researchers/Assistant Professors in Health Care Science 2020–2021

The following main applicants and projects received funding in the call for 2020-2021

  1. Josefine Eriksson Naili, Post doc
  2. Philip Von Rosen, Post doc
  3. David Moulaee Conradsson, Forskarassistent
  4. Åsa Norman, Forskarassistent
  5. Michael Wells, Forskarassistent

Announcement of Blue Sky Grant & Project Grant funding 2020–2021

The following main applicants and projects received funding in the call for 2020-2021

Projekt Grant

  1. Carol Tishelman, Project grant
  2. Lars E Eriksson, Project grant
  3. Ida Goliath, Project grant
  4. Charlotte Ytterberg, Project grant
  5. Marie Löf, Project grant

Blue Sky Grant

  1. Lena Rosenberg, Blue Sky
  2. Carol Tishelman, Blue Sky

Funding vary in size depending on the respective announcement. In 2020, Blue Sky Grants will be financed with approximately SEK 1,000,000 per application and Project Grant will be financed with approximately SEK 800,000 per application. The funding for salary will be given as a group contribution of SEK 800,000 per year for Postdoctoral Researchers and SEK 1,000,000 per year for Assistant Professors. In addition to the block grant, a small project grant of SEK 50,000 will be given for Postdoctoral Researchers and Assistant Professors respectively.


  • May - Announcement
  • July 19 – deadline for application
  • Auguste - Review
  • September – Decision
  • September 30 - Information to the applicants
  • January 1, 2021- Access to employment


Blue Sky Grant & Project Grant:

  • Main applicants should be employed by KI (at least 50%) and the leader of a research group that conducts research in one of the four core areas that has a well-developed national and international network.

Funding of Postdoctoral Researchers/Assistant Professors in health care sciences:

  • Applicants must have a Ph.D. in an area that is relevant to health care sciences.
  • The disputation must have taken place over the past five years for postdoctoral researchers and nine years for assistant professors at the time of the start of the funded position.
  • Individuals who have previously graduated may be eligible if there is a special reason to require deductible time, for example in parental leave or illness. (see attached announcement)
  • To be eligible for postdoctoral funding, the applicant should not have had previous or current postdoctoral researcher employment of more than the equivalent of two years full-time at the start of the service funded by SFO-V.
  • To be eligible for funding as an assistant professor, the applicant must have been previously or currently a postdoc for at least the equivalent of two years full-time and not previously had, a senior lecturer.
  • The applicant should have conducted successful research of high standard in recent years, shown great potential to continue doing so and to establish his own research line in health care sciences.
  • The applicant should have been published in internationally leading journals in her/his field of health sciences in recent years and held a prominent place in the author list, preferably as first author and senior author.
  • The applicant must have potential as the main applicant for good external funding and as a future leader in health care science.


The application is required in English and should include the following:

Blue Sky Grant & Project Grant

  • Short CV for each member of the research group
  • Description of ongoing research related to the first criteria
  • Description of the proposed project including relevance to health care science in English

Funding of Postdoctoral Researchers/Assistant Professors in health sciences:

  • Application form (see below)
  • A complete qualification portfolio
  • Project plan
  • Motivation for the current application
  • Verifications for crediting illness, military service, work for unions or student organizations, parental leave or similar circumstances (if applicable)
  • Verification from the dissertation committee or equivalent

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