Published: 2021-08-27 14:58 | Updated: 2021-08-27 15:00

Call for assignment as pedagogical ambassadors within doctoral education – new deadline 17 September 2021

The purpose of the one-year pilot project is to stimulate pedagogical development in doctoral courses by financed time for pedagogical ambassadors as well as the start-up of a pedagogical network in doctoral education with the support from the unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL).

Please note that this call opened on 17 June, but that the call text has been updated/clarified on 27 August and the deadline has been extended to 17 September.

"The pedagogical ambassadors are a new way of raising educational issues and stimulating pedagogical development in doctoral education" says Erika Franzén, chair of the Course and programme committee and deputy-chairperson in the Committee for doctoral education. "During the pandemic, we have taken a major step into the digitization of doctoral courses with new working methods and pedagogical tools, and there is a great need for further development and support.”

The aim of the call is to pave the way for good examples, "best practice", which can benefit the entire KI. Workshops and working methods, etc. which are developed within the framework of this initiative will function as inspiration and support for teachers in doctoral education at KI and promote future pedagogical development by disseminating experiences. The aim is also to build a pedagogical network between ambassadors with support from Teaching and Learning (TL).

Please note that anchoring with doctoral programme / research school must be in place. A maximum of one application will be granted from each doctoral programme / research school. 

Funding of approximately 10% of the corresponding full-time at KI for one year will be added and paid out via the doctoral education programme or research school to which the pedagogical ambassador is attached. 


The application must consist of a CV (maximum 2 pages), motivation letter with a short account of the intended pedagogical project idea / activity as pedagogical ambassador (1 page). Anchoring with doctoral programme / research school must be made clear.

The application shall be sent to no later than September 17. For more information please contact the deputy-chairperson in the Committee for doctoral education Erika Franzén or Central director of doctoral studies Ingeborg van der Ploeg.

Criteria and assessment

Applications received are reviewed by an assessment group appointed by the Academic vice president of doctoral education.  Granting of funds are based on the following assessment criteria: 

  • The quality of the project idea and anticipated results 
  • How realistic the project idea is in terms of implementation and resources 
  • The applicant's pedagogical merits and ambitions 
  • The ability to disseminate results and supervise colleagues 

You as a pedagogical ambassador will

  • be part of a pedagogical network for exchange of thoughts and knowledge together with the other pedagogical ambassadors who support each other in pedagogical issues (including systematic quality assurance processes) related to doctoral courses
  • be offered pedagogical support by Teaching and Learning (TL) for the planning and implementing a pedagogical development project of one’s own choice within doctoral education
  • have the possibility to disseminate acquired knowledge within KI
  • increase your own pedagogical knowledge and merits

You as a pedagogical ambassador are expected to

  • be able to lead pedagogical discussions, for example in seminar form 
  • be able to initiate and pursue pedagogical issues that are relevant to doctoral education 
  • lead at least one pedagogical development project during the project period
  • support colleagues / "Critical friend" and spread good examples
  • work for doctoral education at the entire KI, not only for the research school / doctoral program you are affiliated with
  • immerse yourself in relevant higher education pedagogical literature and participate in other relevant pedagogical educations. 
  • after the end of the period, give a workshop / seminar for course providers about initiatives and experiences. 

Time Plan

Application and assessment work follows the schedule below

  • 17 September – call for proposals deadline
  • 18 September - 24 September – applications assessed 
  • September – The decision on granting is made by the Academic vice president for doctoral education
  • October – project start