Lectures and seminars Workshops with Larry Michaelsen, Creator of Team-Based Learning (TBL)

16-04-2024 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna TBD

Take the opportunity to participate in workshops led by Professor Larry Michaelsen, founder of Team-Based Learning (TBL). You will learn from his experience of teaching with and about TBL for more than 40 years.

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You can participate in either one, or both, workshops. 

Programme will be held in English.

09:00-12:00: Designing group work that really works

Group assignments can and, all too often, do more harm than good. The most common sign of trouble is when one or two students end up doing most of the work while others do very little. When that happens, the real cause usually isn’t the students - it’s almost always what the instructor is asking them to do.

In this session, you will engage in a series of activities that demonstrate why most problems with learning groups are caused by poorly designed assignments.

13:00-16:00: Getting beyond covering content - a key to student engagement and success

Instructors often face a dilemma based on two realities - most students are:

  1. Far more engaged when they understand how course content applies to their “real world.”
  2. Bored by presentations but, unable to apply course content until they know what the content

This workshop will begin with a demonstration of a Readiness Assurance Process that is an effective approach for dealing with this dilemma.

About Larry K. Michaelsen

Larry K. Michaelsen (Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from The University of Michigan) is David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus at the University of Oklahoma, Professor Emeritus at the University of Central Missouri, a Carnegie Scholar, a Fulbright Senior Scholar and former Editor of the Journal of Management Education.

During his distinguished academic career, he received numerous college, university, and national awards for his outstanding teaching. 

Dr. Michaelsen is also recognized as the creator of Team-Based Learning (TBL), a small-group based instructional process that is now being used in over 250 academic disciplines and on over 1,500 colleges and universities in over 80 countries. 


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