Other Workshop “Improving Research Culture” – Challenge 2

09-09-2020 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm Add to iCal
Other Online, zoom webinar

This workshop is organized by the National Junior Faculty (NJF) in collaboration with KI Junior Faculty (JF) and the Danish Diabetes Academy. In each interactive webinar, we will discuss a specific challenge within research culture.

The workshop consists of 5 webinars, and is not focused on a particular area of research. You can register to attend one or several webinars here:


Team science & Research Assessment, Hyper-Competition for Resources, Positive Influence of Failure, Open Science & Open Access, Public Trust & Perception of Science.

The workshop is based on an Editorial written by a group of postdocs/junior researchers, which you can find here: Next generation diabetes scientists shape global research culture. 2020. Acta Physiol, 229: e13455. doi:10.1111/apha.13455

You can read more about this and other online activities, including the NJF conference, here:

Target Group:

Early-career researchers, including postdocs and junior faculty members (PhD students and senior faculty members are also welcome to attend)

Webinar series

Challenge 1 (Team science & Research Assessment) Date. 26th of August

Challenge 2 (Hyper-Competition for Resources) Date: 9th of September

Challenge 3 (Positive Influence of Failure) Date: 23rd of September

Challenge 4 (Open Science & Open Access) Date: 7th of October

Challenge 5 (Public Trust & Perception of Science) Date: 21st of October

About the Speaker:

The webinar speakers attended the initial event of the Danish Diabetes Academy to assess and discuss the challenges in research culture, and contributed to the Editorial, which we use as the basis for our webinar.


This event is organized by the National Junior Faculty (NJF) with support from KI Junior Faculty


Katharina Herzog Affiliated to research