Lectures and seminars What is life? & The future of biology: The Emergence of Life in the Universe

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Zoom meeting (see link below)

Speaker: Stuart Kauffman, ISB, Seattle, & University of Pennsylvania
Host: Ingemar Ernberg

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Time: Mar 3, 2021 04:00 PM Stockholm


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Stuart Kauffman is a medical doctor, theoretical biologist, and complex systems researcher who studies the origin of life on Earth. He is emeritus professor of biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and affiliated to the Institute for Systems Biology, Seatle. He is arguing that the complexity of biological systems and organisms might result as much from self-organization and far-from-equilibrium dynamics as from Darwinian natural selection, as discussed in his book Origins of Order (1993). He used random boolean networks to investigate generic self-organizing properties of gene regulatory networks, proposing that cell types are dynamical attractors in gene regulatory networks. He proposed the self-organized emergence of collectively autocatalytic sets of polymers for the origin of molecular reproduction. More recent book titles are(2008). Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion, 2008, Humanity in a Creative Universe, 2016 and  A World Beyond Physics, 2019.


Ingemar Ernberg Professor