Internal meeting Welcome to LIME day Spring 2021

20-04-2021 1:30 pm - 3:45 pm Add to iCal
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We are happy to announce the agenda for the afternoon that will be divided into two parts.

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Part 1: Framtidens arbetsplats / Tomorrow´s workplace @ LIME with Maria Deckeman

This hour we will talk about expectations and concerns about working methods and work environment at LIME “post corona”. The dialogue will be facilitated by Maria Deckeman, organizational development specialist and process leader for the KI initiative Framtidens arbetsplats / Tomorrow´s workplace.

Feel free to reflect on the following questions before the meeting:

  • How have I experienced my work situation during the pandemic? Lessons learned?
  • Expectations and concerns when it comes to working methods and work environment in a “new normal” situation post Corona?  


Part 2) People’s experiences of covid-19 with Carol Tishelman & Magnus Boman

Carol Tishelman will speak about the project NALLE - Natural language learning and mixed method analysis of crowdsourced data to learn from people’s experiences of covid-19 (abstract below), illustrating its' possibilities with data from a first completed analysis in which we used qualitative analysis to explore the narrative crowdsourced submissions of the same 88 individuals at two timepoints, during the 1st and 2nd pandemic waves, who wrote about what they most fear in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, and how their descriptions changed over time.

Magnus Boman will discuss the possibilities for analysis of the larger dataset through AI, via natural language processing and its sub-discipline natural language understanding.

Feel free to reflect on the following questions before the meeting:

  • What are you most afraid of right now in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic? 


Looking forward to meet you all!

Team LIME Day / Therese Wahlström


Therese Wahlström Coordinator