Other Welcome to Co-up Lab: A mobile space for co-creation

09-05-2019 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Flemingsberg Karolinska Institutet University Library

Want to expand your skill set and explore creativity in the health care context? Welcome to the Co-up lab on May 9th to discover how.

Co-up lab is new educational concept within the health context. It combins a physical creative space for co-creation of innovation with an educational programme for incubation of ideas. The Co-up lab is utilising remote locations, taking the education to the users.

On May 9th the first Co-up lab "event" will be hosted at KI Library Campus Flemingsberg. A short agenda with inspirational talks will be presented but the main offer is to explore creative methodologies to tackle the challenge of patient empowerment. Welcome, bring your friends and drop by. The Co-up lab is set up between 11.00-16.00.

In the Co-up lab space you will be invited to discuss opportunities for patient empowerment. There will be material and coaches available the whole day to help you explore the challenge, brainstorm ideas for possible solutions and build prototypes.

• 13:00 - Welcome and inauguration of the Co-up lab concept
• 13:15 - Inspirational talk 1, Innovation for societal value:
"Digital vaccination, the next nobel prize?"
Fredrik Söder, CEO Healthintegrator
• 13:45 - Inspirational talk 2, Innovation for personal value

If you find the first Co-up lab interesting, there is an opportunity to apply for the following "incubation programme". This novel educational offer brings students from the classical academic setting to real life settings; the Co-up lab events that will ”occupy” places like the entrance of a Stockholm hospital. Thus, it invites students to get hands-on education at locations, co-creating with users.

The Co-up lab incubation programme will run during the autumn, and include approx. 2 hour lectures every second week, hands-on experience and learning of entrepreneuring, as well as four additional Co-up lab events at different locations.

The offer targets students (Bachelors, Masters, PhDs) interested in developing skills be it communication, business methodologies, storytelling, patient empowerment, design thinking or co-creation methodologies. You apply either by signing up while visiting the Co-up lab event at may the 9th or by emailing Anna.Birgersdotter at ki.se. More information will also be posted.

The Unit for Bioentrepreneurship (UBE) is joining forces with EIT Health to mix the concept of Makerspace, pop-up space and creative education into the Co-up Lab concept. Together with Karolinska Institutet and EIT Health the project involves a wide range of partners such as Tekniska Museet, KI Innovations, The Region Stockholm Innovation Hub SÖS, MSD, GE health care and ISGlobal.

The over all mission of the project is to challenge the current way of thinking about / doing education of tomorrow’s change makers in the life science sector. The vision is to be a ”space” that transforms academic education in Europe. To be a meeting place for learners, visitors and other stakeholders in the life science sector