Lectures and seminars Webinar series: Vascular Brain

11-05-2020 to
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Seminar series on cerebrovascular development, cell signalling, blod fow dynamics, imaging methods and contributions to neurodegenerative disease.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Elisabeth Hillman, Univ. Columbia, USA: "Cerebral hemodynamics"
  • Barbara Lykke Lind, Univ. Copenhagen: Denmark, "Astrocyte control of blood flow"
  • Mickaël Tanter, Institut Langevin, France: "Ultrasound blood flow imaging"
  • Steven Proulx, Univ. Bern, Switzerland: "Brain lymphatic system"
  • Anna Herland, Royal Institute of Technology: "In vitro BBB on chip models"
  • Per-Ola Freskgård, BioArctic AB, Sweden: "BBB shuttle vectors"
  • Ali Erturk, LMU Munich, Germany: "AI-based 3D brain imaging"

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