Lectures and seminars Webinar: "Improving the welfare of mice in ageing studies"

22-04-2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Add to iCal
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Routine handling of laboratory animals is an essential but frequently ignored component of animal experiments that has considerable potential to influence anxiety and aversion to human approach and contact. The aim of these CPD webinars (Continuing professional development) is to follow the legal requirements for maintenance and demonstration of competence in laboratory animal science, and to facilitate the implementations of the 3R’s in routine animal work.

"Improving the welfare of mice in ageing studies"


An increasing number of ageing mice are required to meet the demand of more age-related studies. The presentation will review some of the common issues involved when caring for aged mice. Difficulties in aged mouse colony management include determining the signs which should be monitored and what humane end points should be used. The threshold for regulation cannot be based solely on the age of the animal and needs to take account of any age-related adverse effects and signs. The threshold for the commencement of enhanced monitoring will be discussed together with the various factors that may influence this. Behavioural assessments and monitoring should bear in mind the fragility of older mice and not cause additional harms.

This presentation is an opportunity to raise awareness and to encourage humane handling of mice i.e. the use of tunnel or cupping methods and to apply husbandry refinements aimed at mitigation of any age-related signs. The overall aim is to raise awareness of the considerations for studies using ageing mice and to help promote consistency in the management of ageing mouse colonies.


Norman Flynn qualified as a vet from Glasgow University before completing a PhD in immunology at Edinburgh University. He worked as a research immunologist in Kenya, Italy, Switzerland and Scotland before joining the Home Office in 2004. Norman has been an Inspector in the Home Office for over 17 years.

His work-related interests are in immunology, vaccine development, infectious disease and cancer.

Further reading

Progressing the care, husbandry and management of ageing mice used in scientific studies. Lab Anim. 2020 Jun;54(3):225-238.


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