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Two orange squares. In one it says Trauma Katastrof Stockholm and a picture of City Hall, in the other it says Trauma Katastrof Sverige and a picture of the three crowns. An arrow points from Trauma Katastrof Stockholm to Trauma Katastrof Sverige.
Trauma Katastrof Stockholm invites other county councils to together create Trauma Katastrof Sverige Photo: N/a

Trauma Katastrof Stockholm (TKS) is a free, two-day course designed to increase knowledge and skills in traumatology, with a focus on mass casualty and blast injuries, and to create a network among the emergency hospitals in the region.

The TKS course corresponds to basic disaster medicine training and further training in disaster medicine described by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare in Nationella utbildnings-och övningsplaner för katastrofmedicinsk beredskap och civilt försvar samt nationell samordning av utbildning och övning.

In Region Stockholm, the course is financed through funds from the National Board of Health and Welfare (intended for disaster preparedness). The focus of the course is on blast injuries, the management of multiple injuries and the creation of a network for cooperation between emergency hospitals in the region. The course is intended for medical doctors and nurses in emergency hospitals who are involved in the care of trauma patients, in emergency departments, surgery or wards for surgery, anesthesia and intensive care, emergency medicine or orthopedics.

Course structure:

Day 1 - interactive scenario discussions (traumatology, triage)
Day 2 - Exercise where each team practices care in a mass casualty situation based on conditions in their own hospital

The TKS course is given twice a year by experienced staff at Karolinska University Hospital together with staff from the emergency hospitals in Region Stockholm. The participants attend the course as a team from each hospital (doctors and nurses) and registration is done via the local preparedness coordinators at each hospital. The next course is held 9-10 April 2024.

New for this year - participation from other Regions: 

This year we want to invite representatives from all Swedish regions to our next TKS course (9-10 April) as observers. Trauma Katastrof Stockholm has developed a "TKS package" (curriculum, training material, instructor training, budget, description of local and material needs, etc) which is the basis for the training. It is available to anyone interested in starting a similar course in their region.

The TKS course and the "TKS package" are being developed with the support of the Centre for Health Crises. The goal is to, based on Trauma Katastrof Stockholm, and together with interested regions, develop a national course concept - Trauma Katastrof Sweden. The Centre for Health Crises are able to support this work and can also, if necessary, later offer expert support when regions start courses, as well as during ongoing courses.


If you are interested in participating as an observer at our next TKS course on 9-10 April and/or would like to collaborate with us on developing Trauma Katastrof Sverige, please contact Lisa Strömmer, lisa.strommer@ki.se/lovisa.strommer@capiostgoran.se.


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