Other Transferable skill training – How to articulate the value you can offer non-academic employers

14-09-2020 11:00 am - 11:50 am Add to iCal
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Transferable skills are a particular skill set that doesn’t’ belong to any particular niche, job field or industry. They are general skills that can be used in any job and transferred between them.

Enrolling a PhD program is a major career decision. And most PhDs have trained their ability to both working hard and to keeping up with a laser like focus to reach their final goal, the thesis. Although the PhD itself is an accomplishment your future career success will not be served on any silver plate. To land your dream job, weather you find it or create it, you also need to apply yourself.

For PhD students and Postdocs wanting to transform from academia to a non-academic environment, it’s extremely important to translate their most relevant skills to a terminology industry understand and value. In this webinar you will learn self-coaching techniques and get insight to what transferable skills industry find attractive.

Target Group:

KI PhD students and Postdocs.
Extra recommended for postdocs interested to applying for an internship project fall 2020.


In this webinar series we will help you with some job searching strategies. We will also provide you with some great career tools. This webinar is part 1 out of 3.

  • Part 2 is CV Design for industry – How to attract hiring managers and recruiters and is delivered September 21– More information about part 2
  • Part 3 is How to prepare for an interview – Dos and Don’ts and is delivered October 7 -More information about part 3
  • Part 4. Individual One-to-one session, to limited number of participants that attended part 1- 3. Date to be set depending on how large the interest is. We will ask about this interest in e-mail after part 3.

About the Speaker:

Tina Persson, Ass. Prof. is a Career & Leadership Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur whose creativity, confidence, and tenacity have earned her the reputation as a dynamic leader. She is also an invited speaker facilitating seminars and workshops to PhDs professionals and early researchers alike supporting them in their career development. As businesswoman she is Founder of Passage2pro AB, Aptahem AB a biotech start-up company, featured over 20 scientific publications, inventor of 2 scientific patents, and the host of the PhD Career Stories podcast.

After spending nearly two decades in academia, Tina decided to enter the staffing industry, where she gained eight years of expertise working as a Recruiter and Talent Sourcer. Combining her multifaceted experience, she is adept at empowering researchers to pave their way to a smooth transition from the academic world to a fulfilling career beyond academia.


This event is organized by KI Career Service


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