Lectures and seminars The Karolinska Infection Biology Network open seminar: "If you don’t include the virome, you’re not really working on the microbiome"

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Campus Solna Cesar lecture hall, Berzelius väg 3, Solna Campus

Welcome to a seminar with Professor Colin Hill from University College Cork, Ireland.


Professor Colin Hill from University College Cork, Ireland.

Date and Time

1 ST June 2023 at 13.00 


Cesar lecture hall 


"If you don’t include the virome, you’re not really working on the microbiome"


The virome is an integral part of the gut microbiome. There are almost as many bacteriophages in the gut as their bacterial partners. In longitudinal studies it has been shown that the virome is highly individual but also stable over time. Much of our information comes from metagenomic sequencing which has revealed an extraordinary diversity of bacteriophages, the vast majority of which have never been cultured in a laboratory. But, what role do they play in the structure, resilience and functionality of the gut microbiome? The traditional view is that bacteriophages drive population structure by killing sensitive hosts and selecting for resistant hosts. But, it is becoming increasingly evident the bacteriophages may also play a role in the functionality of the bacteriome, in horizontal gene transfer, and in community resilience to insult. I will present a number of examples from our work on the gut virome to illustrate the impact of bacteriophages on individual microbes, microbiome structure and the host.

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