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This seminar is part of a joint workshop within the Stockholm Trio-University of Tokyo collaboration

The session will address the information handling processing of the brain, from molecular mechanisms to how the brains functions in interactions with other humans or even robots. We will bring together neuroscientist, psychologist, engineers and medical doctors to discuss how the brain handles and stores information of it’s surrounding, how this processing can go wrong and how new techniques can enhance brain capabilities.

This seminar is part of a joint workshop within the Stockholm TRIO-Univeristy of Tokyo collaboration. You can find more info here:



 17 September 8.30-11.30 Memory from bench to bedside

Chairs: Mia Lindskog (KI), Haruhiko Bito (UTokyo)

Zoom: https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/64248472157 

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8.30 – 8.45 (15:30-15:45) Welcome

8:45-9.15 (15:45-16:15) Jonas Olofsson, PhD Department of Psychology Stockholm University

“What the sense of smell can tell us about human cognition”

9.15-9.45 (16:15-16:45) Taisuke Tomita, PhD  Laboratory of Neuropathology and Neuroscience, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

“Pathogenic mechanisms and novel therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer disease”

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5 minutes  break

10-10:30 (17-17:30) Pawel Herman, PhD, KTH

“Spiking neural network simulations of working memory effects: What can we learn from the attractor memory model’s perspective?”

10.30-11(17:30-18) Haruhiko Bito, MD, PhD, Department of Neurochemistry, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

Plasticity and memory mechanisms in vivo


18 September 8.30-11.00 : Building on your strengths

Chairs: Johan Lunsdtröm (KI), Taketoshi Mori (UTokyo)

8-30-9(15:30-16) Mia Eriksdotter, MD, PhD, Department of Neurobiology, Cares ciences and Society Karolinska Institutet   

“The Neurotrophins –an innovative therapeutic concept for Alzheimer´s disease”

9-9-30(16-16:30)   Atsunobu Suzuki, PhD, Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology,

The University of Tokyo

“Perception and learning of others' trustworthiness in healthy older adults”

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5 minutes  break

9:45-10.15(16:45-17:15) Taketoshi Mori, PhD, Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research

Center, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

“Development of AI Nursing in Geriatrics”

10.15-10.45(17:15-17:45)  Lanie Gutierrez Farewik, School of Engineering Sciences KTH


10.45(17:45)  Concluding remarks


Lotta Lundqvist International coordinator