Lectures and seminars Seminar series on equal care

19-03-2024 to
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Campus Flemingsberg Zoom except for 21/5 when the location is Campus Flemingsberg

Join us for a seminar series on “Equal Care” led by Anna Jervaeus and Susanne Andermo. The seminars will provide an interdisciplinary perspective on health and medical care norms. This series is targeted at doctoral students and post-docs.

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Seminar leaders: Anna Jervaeus Susanne Andermo 

Main literature: Equal care Norm-conscious perspectives. Student literature 2022 - ISBN: 9789144151069 

Scientific articles will be added. 

Date: 19/3, 21/5, 18/9, 18/11 2024 

Location: Zoom except for 21/5 when the location is Campus Flemingsberg 

Participants: 10-12 people


The seminar is now fully booked. Unfortunately, there are no available spots at the moment. We appreciate your interest and hope to welcome you at a future event.


Swedish healthcare is not provided on equal terms to everyone, despite good intentions to do so. We want to problematize this issue through the seminar series by discussing norms related to care. The seminar series will have an interdisciplinary subject content to highlight norm-conscious perspectives in health and medical care. Discussing and problematizing equal care is important both within the framework of healthcare education and for healthcare. In addition, the concept is important for conducting more inclusive research, regarding all parts of the research process. The seminar series is aimed at doctoral students and post-docs.



The purpose of the seminar series is to problematize and discuss the concept of equal care linked to social categorization of various kinds as well as care norms from different perspectives. Questions about equal conditions will also be raised.



Four occasions (two VT24 and 2 HT24) with digital lectures/presentations and subsequent discussions/dialogue on the day’s topic. Seminar language can be English and Swedish. Participants are expected to be prepared for each occasion.



After the seminar series, the doctoral student/postdoctoral researcher should be able to: -problematize and discuss the concept of equal care -relate and analyze the concept of equal care linked to their own research.


Session 1 

Introduction 19/3 2024 at 10:00-12:00 Susanne Andermo, Anna Jervaeus, Kaisa Fritzell 

Location: Zoom 

• The students have read part 1 Basic concepts and perspectives, i.e., chapters 1 and 2 and selected scientific publications. 

• They reflect on this occasion based on their research and clinical experiences. Students bring examples and discussion topics. 

• Susanne, Anna, and Kaisa et al. briefly present their research from an equal-care perspective.


Session 2 

Henrik Eriksson, University West, 21/5 at 13:00-15:00 2024

Location: Campus Flemingsberg

• The academic work 

Workshop on perspectives, concepts, and operationalization of these within the (mainly qualitative) writing/thinking.


Session 3 

Elisabeth Dahlborg, University West, 18/9 at 10:00-12:00 2024 

Location: Zoom 

• Seminar on Caring in a norm-conscious environment (chapter 10) 

The chapter addresses various aspects of the care environment. The environment can create both obstacles and opportunities for participation and collaboration between professions. The chapter addresses norm-critical geography in nursing, shared decision-making, and different dimensions of the environment.


Session 4 

HT24 Ellinor Tengelin, Mid Sweden University, 18/11 at 13:00-15:00 2024 

Location: Zoom 

• Seminar on Class, health, care (chapter 8) 

The chapter addresses class as a concept and how class relates to inequality and social differences in health. Norms and representations of class and other social categorizations are also problematized in relation to treatment in healthcare. The chapter also links to health literacy.



Susanne Andermo Assistant Professor;Assistant Senior Lecturer