Lectures and seminars Seminar: Professor Gill Diamond

10-06-2024 3:00 pm Add to iCal
Hybrid Venue: Room: Yalow, Alfred Nobels Allé 8, floor 9, ANA Futura. Online: Connect to the event

Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Treat and Prevent Infectious Diseases.

Professor Diamond will present recent results using vitamin D to enhance the innate immune defense against infection, as well as using antimicrobial peptide mimetics to treat multiple types of microbial infections.


Professor Gill Diamond

University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA


Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Treat and Prevent Infectious Diseases.


Peter Bergman, Division of Clinical Immunology, Department of Laboratory Medicine.

Gill Diamond - short biography

A native of Philadelphia, PA, he received his BA in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, and his PhD in Genetics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He then returned to Philadelphia to do postdoctoral research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he began to work on antimicrobial peptides. He was a faculty member at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now part of Rutgers University) from 1993-2013, and the University of Florida from 2013-2019. Since then, he has been a professor in the Department of Oral Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, where he studies innate immunity and the development of novel antimicrobial agents.