Lectures and seminars Seminar "Neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson’s disease: beyond alpha-synuclein"

17-02-2023 2:30 pm Add to iCal
Karolinska University Hospital, Solna J3:14 Kerstin Hagenfeldt, Bioclinicum, Karolinska University hospital

The Department of Clinical Neuroscience and the Division of Neuro welcome you to a seminar with the speaker Professor Miquel Vila. The seminar is hosted by Professor Per Svenningsson.

Speaker: Professor Miquel Vila 

Title: ”Neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson’s disease: beyond alpha-synuclein”

Miquel Vila, MD, PhD, received his MD from the University of Barcelona (Spain) and PhD in neuroscience from the University of Paris (France).

He currently leads the Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Group at the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Vila’s work in experimental animal models, both genetic and neurotoxic, has shed light on molecular mechanisms underlying PD-linked neuronal dysfunction/degeneration, including mitochondrial alterations, alpha-synuclein aggregation, autophagy deficits, inflammatory changes, and apoptotic pathways. He has originally created novel PD-relevant animal models, such as the one induced by injection of Lewy bodies isolated from PD brains or the first genetic rodent model producing neuromelanin. 

Information retrieved from Miquel Vila, MD, PhD | Parkinson's Disease (michaeljfox.org)


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