Lectures and seminars PUF-V Workshop: Presentation skills – Capture your audience

10-10-2019 to
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Campus Solna

A workshop for you who want to develop your ability to create sharp and engaging presentations.

We have all been captured by engaging speakers who have made us think, feel and understand something we did not know and which may even have affected our worldview. Probably, we have all also listened to presentations, speeches and lectures where we lost interest, did not understand or did not remember what the message was afterwards.

Engaging your audience and conveying your message is a skill that everyone can learn, but like all skills it requires knowledge and practice – preferably in a safe environment. This workshop is addressed to anyone who wants to develop their ability to create sharp and engaging performances. We take off with the basics of storytelling and proceed with how the same principles can be used in all types of presentations and speeches. Areas that the participants get to practice include storytelling, clarifying the core message, capturing the audience’s interest, create structure, speaking without manuscript, using metaphors, and handling tricky questions. In addition to the pure exercises, participants get to work with their own scientific material for a presentation.

Workshop leader is Aleksandar Djordjevic – licensed psychologist and an appreciated workshop leader and lecturer with a background in acting and storytelling.

The workshop is divided into three sessions: 10, 17 & 24 October



Register by email to puf-v@ki.se before 30 September


Indu Motwani Administrative Officer