Lectures and seminars PUF-V Workshop: Applied survey methodology – from design to analysis

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When should a questionnaire be used for data collection? What are the steps included in the development of a questionnaire? What type of questions can be included in a questionnaire? How does one formulate effective questions? How does one design rating scales? How does one avoid common mistakes when developing a questionnaire?

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Questionnaires are commonly used in research as a data collection tool and investigators have access to many validated instruments. However, there are often occasions when a researcher needs to adapt an already validated instrument to their specific contextual needs. Also, the field of research questions that need to be investigated is so broad nowadays that a researcher often needs to design and create a new instrument specifically for their needsDesigning a questionnaire involves many different steps and each of these steps affects the quality of the questionnaire and the data collected.

To address the need for researchers to understand and practice what is needed to create their own questionnaire or adapting a validated instrument to their needs, we are proposing a series of workshops about questionnaire design (see attachment for more information):

Principles of questionnaire design - 29th September 2020

Common pitfalls in questionnaire design - 6th October 2020


Time: 29th September and 6th October 2020, from 09:00 to 12:00

Location: Online. A Zoom invitation will be sent to registered participants shortly before the workshops.


The workshops can be attended independently from one another and it is possible to register to one workshop only. The number of seats is limited to 25 participants per workshop; don’t wait to enroll! Doctoral students and postdocs at Karolinska Institute have priority of attendance.

Deadline for registration: 20th September 2020.

Registrations to the workshop Principles of questionnaire design - 29th September 2020 are made here.

Registrations to the workshop Common pitfalls in questionnaire design - 6th October 2020 are made here.

Flyer: Questionnaire design workshops