Lectures and seminars PUF-V Seminar: Methodological Presentation on “Situational analysis”

06-09-2019 10:00 am - 11:30 am Add to iCal
Campus Flemingsberg

An analytic approach pioneered by sociologist and grounded theorist Adele Clarke, aptly named ‘situational analysis’, have shown to help researchers within the fields of information technology, human services, family therapy, public health and nursing to study ‘the situation’ as an analytic unit that encompasses individual and social phenomena.

The Doctoral Programme in Health Care Sciences (PUF-V) invites PhD students and staff to a presentation where Dr. Aldrich will provide an overview of this innovative analysis that focus on situations to illuminate key information about the complex and dynamic foundations through which humans enact their lives. Drawing on an example from her research she will discuss the utility of situational analysis for advance knowledge about everyday life and situations.

Dr. Rebecca Aldrich is an Associate Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy at the University of Southern California and is currently at KI participating at the Global Bridges Program.

Read more in Dr. Aldrich article on ’The Situational Analysis: A Visual Analytic Approach that Unpacks the Complexity of Occupation'


To register please email puf-v@ki.se latest by 28 August.