Lectures and seminars PHSP seminar: Hands-on experience with an online data management tool

17-06-2020 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
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The Doctoral Programme in Public Health Science (PHSP) welcomes all doctoral students and researchers at KI to the the third seminar in our seminar series: Data management and survey design in quantitative research. This last session of the series will provide hands-on experience with an online data management tool REDCap.

Please note that the seminar has been rescheduled to be held on 16 June, instead of 10 June. 

Data management is the process to transfer answers from a survey to clean, accurate, and useful data that can be analyzed with the aim to answer your research question.

This last session of the seminar series will provide hands-on experience with an online data management tool supported by KI, REDCap, and give the participants the chance to turn their own data collection instruments into a database (or practice with a pre-made instrument). 


Kristi Sidney Annerstedt, is a Global Health Specialist and Project Management Professional with over 17 years of experience managing complex multi-cultural and disciplinary teams and projects. She has experience working in low and middle-income settings from five large EU funded projects; MATIND, ALERT, QUALI-DEC, SMART2D and IMPACT-TB and has worked with REDCap in 4 out of the 5 projects.

Her expertise in addition to data management is in economic evaluation of maternal and child health interventions (i.e. costing, cost-utility and cost-effectiveness analysis), qualitative methodologies, and implementation of complex interventions.   


To register for the seminar or if you have any questions, please contact phsp-doctoral@ki.se. Please register by 16 June.


Ritva Rissanen Assistant professor