Lectures and seminars Opponent seminar: Stefan Ameres

30-03-2023 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Audiotorium Eva & Georg Klein in Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9

Title: “Mechanism and Biology of RNA Silencing”.

Welcome to a seminar with Stefan Ameres, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Max Perutz Labs

Title: “Mechanism and Biology of RNA Silencing”.
Time: Thursday March 30th at 3pm.
Place: Main auditorium at Biomedicum Eva & Georg Klein in Biomedicum, Karolinska Institutet, Solna
Speaker: Stefan Ameres, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA), Max Perutz Labs, Austria
Host: Rickard Sandberg (CMB)

Amere’s lab has made ground-breaking and highly innovative contributions to time-resolved transcriptomics, including his important contributions in developing SLAM-seq and using it to map out direct transcriptional effects of genetic perturbations, or monitoring transcriptional programs in vivo.

Selected recent publications:

SLAMseq resolves the kinetics of maternal and zygotic gene expression during early zebrafish embryogenesis.
Bhat P, Cabrera-Quio LE, Herzog VA, Fasching N, Pauli A, Ameres SL
Cell Rep 2023 Feb;42(2):112070

Time-Resolved Small RNA Sequencing Unravels the Molecular Principles of MicroRNA Homeostasis.
Reichholf B, Herzog VA, Fasching N, Manzenreither RA, Sowemimo I, Ameres SL
Mol Cell 2019 Aug;75(4):756-768.e7

SLAM-seq defines direct gene-regulatory functions of the BRD4-MYC axis.
Muhar M, Ebert A, Neumann T, Umkehrer C, Jude J, Wieshofer C, Rescheneder P, Lipp JJ, Herzog VA, Reichholf B, Cisneros DA, Hoffmann T, Schlapansky MF, Bhat P, von Haeseler A, Köcher T, Obenauf AC, Popow J, Ameres SL, Zuber J
Science 2018 May;360(6390):800-805

Thiol-linked alkylation of RNA to assess expression dynamics.
Herzog VA, Reichholf B, Neumann T, Rescheneder P, Bhat P, Burkard TR, Wlotzka W, von Haeseler A, Zuber J, Ameres SL
Nat Methods 2017 Dec;14(12):1198-1204

Molecular basis for cytoplasmic RNA surveillance by uridylation-triggered decay in Drosophila.
Reimão-Pinto MM, Manzenreither RA, Burkard TR, Sledz P, Jinek M, Mechtler K, Ameres SL
EMBO J 2016 Nov;35(22):2417-2434