Lectures and seminars Opponent seminar: Alexander van Oudenaarden

15-06-2023 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Audiotorium Eva & Georg Klein in Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9

Title: Novel sequencing tools to explore replication, transcription and translation in individual cells.

Seminar by Alexander van Oudenaarden

Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands

Date: 15th of June
Time: 16.30
Place: Eva and Georg Klein in Biomedicum
Host: Rickard Sandberg (CMB)

Alexander has made several ground-breaking and highly innovative contributions to science in the areas of single-cell genomics, lineage tracing, and stochastic gene expression. While being the director of the Hubrecht Institute, he has continued to develop new strategies to profile replication, transcription and translation in single cells.

Selected recent publications:

scChIX-seq infers dynamic relationships between histone modifications in single cells.
Yeung J, Florescu M, Zeller P, de Barbanson BA, Wellenstein MD, van Oudenaarden A
Nat Biotechnol 2023 Jan;():

Single-cell sortChIC identifies hierarchical chromatin dynamics during hematopoiesis.
Zeller P, Yeung J, Viñas Gaza H, de Barbanson BA, Bhardwaj V, Florescu M, van der Linden R, van Oudenaarden A
Nat Genet 2023 Feb;55(2):333-345

High-throughput total RNA sequencing in single cells using VASA-seq.
Salmen F, De Jonghe J, Kaminski TS, Alemany A, Parada GE, Verity-Legg J, Yanagida A, Kohler TN, Battich N, van den Brekel F, Ellermann AL, Arias AM, Nichols J, Hemberg M, Hollfelder F, van Oudenaarden A
Nat Biotechnol 2022 Dec;40(12):1780-1793

Single-cell Ribo-seq reveals cell cycle-dependent translational pausing.
VanInsberghe M, van den Berg J, Andersson-Rolf A, Clevers H, van Oudenaarden A
Nature 2021 Sep;597(7877):561-565