Lectures and seminars Open seminar: Can we trust physical activity research?

13-02-2020 1:30 pm Add to iCal
Other Meeting room "Tensta", floor 6, Solnavägen 1E, Torsplan

Welcome to an open seminar with Professor Peter Schantz, Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, Stockholm. No registration is needed.

Professor Peter Schantz will present a critical overview related to his own field of research on the difficulties of measuring physical activity and sedentary behavior, and consequences thereof for health related epidemiology, as well as examples of other methodological challenges in the field of human movement sciences​.

His research has focused on various aspects of the thematic area of movement, health and environment, i.e. physiology, behaviour, public health and sustainable development.

The most important current research project deals with active commuting through cycling or walking in inner urban and suburban –rural areas. Another area of research relates to green environments, physical activity and health. Lastly, among other things he is also “Årets Cykelhjälte” 2018 (Hövding).


Hanna Johans Coordinator