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Autophagy in Cancer Immunity

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“Autophagy in Cancer Immunity”

Julian Lum, PhD
Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer, Victoria, BC, Canada

www.lumlab.ca @lum_lab

Host: Katja Pokrovskaja Tamm

One of the goals in Julian’s research is to develop new strategies to genetically enhance T cell metabolism as a means to overcome the suppressive metabolic environment in tumors. Julian’s team aims to understand how the metabolic ecosystem in tumors impact host antitumor immunity, and, specifically, autophagy-mediated control of immune responses in ovarian cancer. Dr. Lum’s laboratory is using unique human tissue resources at BC Cancer to interrogate and uncover the metabolomics features of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes to identify pathways that could be genetically or pharmacologically modified to enhance T cell responses.

The second area is to understand how radiation therapy alters immune responses to cancer. Currently Dr. Lum is investigating new immunotherapy combinations with radiation (e.g. external bead, brachytherapy, radio-targeting ligands) including a Phase 1 trial of focal radiation and checkpoint blockade for ovarian cancer.

Some reading:

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