Conferences and symposiums NeurotechEU Hybrid symposium on the Neural basis of rodent social behaviors

07-10-2021 to
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Neural Circuits of Social Behavior Lab Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante (CSIC-UMH) Spain, invites to a symposium in collaboration with NeurotechEU, the European Univeristies Alliance where Karolinska Institutet is a member.

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  • Dr. Camilla Bellone University of Geneva 
  • Dr. lnbal Ben-Ami Bartal Tel Aviv University 
  • Dr. Alexandre Charlet University of Strasbourg 
  • Dr. Ann Clemens Edinburgh University 
  • Dr. Ewelina Knapska Nencki lnstitute, Varsaw 
  • Dr. Susana Lima Champalimaud lnstitute, Lisbon 
  • Dr. Azahara Oliva Cornell University, lthaca 
  • Dr. Nicolas Renier Brain and Spine institute , Paris 
  • Dr. Jose-Luis Trejo Cajal lnstitute, Madrid