Conferences and symposiums MedEd on the Edge – Future Trends and Current Controversies in Health Professions Education

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Karolinska University Hospital, Solna Sune Bergström Auditorium, Eugeniavägen 3, Solna, Karolinska University Hospital

This new and exciting conference aims to gather "influencers" in Health Professions Education (HPE) from multiple health professions and from every continent. The goal is to discuss challenges and identify, highlight, and debate tensions in HPE. The vision of MedEd on the Edge is to be a high-impact forum of influencers who seek to transform global Health Professions Education.

Who should attend?

Leaders who want to advance Health Professions Education from all over the world, from any health profession, and at any stage of career; from students to retired - everyone who wants to influence HPE are welcome! No formal leadership position is needed. 

About the conference

This meeting will be unlike other HPE conferences. The aim is to have voices and perspectives from multiple health professions and from every continent. Sessions will be dynamic, interactive, filled with debates, skill-building, consensus-forming, and diverse. The conference aims to gather HPE “influencers”, hose seeking to impact HPE in a positive way, to debate contemporary controversies and promising new ideas. 

Health Professions Education is a critical societal enterprise that prepares health care providers to serve every country’s population. Despite incredible progress in the development of HPE around the world, there are a number of lingering challenges and sticking points that prevent HPE from advancing further in compassionate, effective, evidence-informed and context-adapted professional education.

The MedEdEdge 2023 Conference is designed to identify, highlight, and debate tensions in HPE. What are the “sticking points” that are holding back HPE from becoming even better? What are recurring issues over years and across borders?


The registration fee includes: 

  • Opening Edge reception
  • Lunchons two days
  • The MedEdEdge Dinner
  • Morning coffees and afternoon tea

*The number of participants is limited to 300.


  • Does Health Professions Education make a difference to the health of the public?
  • Can we ever achieve equity in Health Professions Education?
  • Has assessment ever worked?
  • Competence, Incompetence, and Continuing Professional Development
  • What is HPE research For?


The conference is hosted by Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden.

The 2023 Planning Board Co-Chairs

  • Jason R Frank MD MA(Ed) FRCPC, Professor of Emergency Medicine, and Director, Centre for Innovation in Medical Education, University of Ottawa.
  • Jonas Nordquist, Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) & Medical Case Centre (MCC), Karolinska Institutet.

Congress Presidents

  • Bijan Darvish, Department of Physyiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet.
  • Lars Kihlström Burenstam-Linder, Department of Research and Education, Karolinska University Hospital.


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