Lectures and seminars Lunch seminar: Strength matters - debunking fitness myths with Jacob Gudiol

21-02-2024 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Torget, University Library, Berzelius väg 7B

Come and listen to Jacob Gudiol - physiotherapist, author and frequent speaker on the subject of exercise , fitness and health!

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About Jacob

Jacob Gudiol is a licensed physiotherapist with a master's degree in sports medicine, and his interests span a wide range of health and exercise topics. He explores everything from basic physiology and strength training to nutrition. By sharing relevant studies, he guides his readers and listeners through the subject, helping to provide a scientific foundation for those interested in exercise. Gudiol distinguishes himself not only by his extensive knowledge, but also by his critical eye and ability to navigate through scientific methods.

Public Educator of the Year 2021

"Jacob Gudiol's long-standing effort to educate the public about exercise science through blogs, podcasts and social media debates is a public health endeavour. His seemingly tireless efforts to introduce audiences to an evidence-based approach to health and lifestyle issues make him a true educator and an inspiration."

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