Conferences and symposiums Join us for KI's Sustainability Day 2023

24-05-2023 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Berzeliuslaboratoriet (BZ)
A graphic shape resembling a water lily with pointed petals in KI's profile colour plum purple and lighter shades.
Illustration for KI's work with sustainability. Photo: Sofia Lindberg

All students and staff are welcome to gain tools and fuel KI's work for a sustainable future! Join us for the full day or a lecture of your interest.

KI Sustainability Day is arranged to increase knowledge of sustainability issues and provide tools and inspiration for students and staff at KI to contribute to a sustainable future. 

Vegan lunch is available for all who register by May 16th.

The day's programme in full

The programme is mainly in English and includes seminars, lectures, workshops and the announcement of this year's recipient of KI's Sustainability Award


Fix your own bike workshop

Learn how to change tyres and adjust your bike (lubricate chain, adjust brakes) with Bon Mécanique bike mechanics.

You can choose to book one of the following sessions: 10-11, 11-12 or 13-14. Limited spots available!

Location: Outside the entrance of Berzelius väg 7-9, Campus Solna.

Why you should learn how to fix your bike: Regular maintenance of your bicycle is beneficial not just for the bike itself but also for the environment. When you ensure that your bike is in good condition, it lasts longer and saves you money over time. Moreover, consistent upkeep also minimizes your carbon footprint and contributes to the promotion of sustainable cycling practices.

Organiser of the event

KI's Council for Environment and Sustainable Development


Maya Petrén Coordinator