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22-10-2020 12:10 pm - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
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Who had thought that so many educators, at the same time, could get so much experience on online learning as we have had the last six months! To take advantage of that unique situation we would like to invite you to a lunchseminar, discussing our steps ahead.

Universities globally have been forced to turn the majority of the courses and programmes online during this pandemic. Some things that we have digitalized we might not choose to do so in the first place, some other things have found "home" when they got online.

We are now opening up our campus slowly and we have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of our experiences. The "new normal" will include a form of Hybrid Pedagogy.

So what are our experiences telling us? What have these last months meant to teaching and learning at KI? What are the moments we miss so much IRL that we need to find better ways to do? And what has been transformative?

We invite you to rise from your screen fatigue and discuss the challenges and opportunities of Hybrid Pedagogy during this lunch seminar. With us, we have our Vice President of Higher Education Annika Östman-Wernersson and Carl Savage, Course director, Department of Learning, Informatics,Management and Ethics

The seminar is interactive and we are looking forward to your contribution to the discussion.

Participate by register below. The seminar will be held in English.

And if you haven't connected to the Educators Network yet, it's about time. :-)


MedEd Lab

Is an web based series of seminars from the Unit of teaching and learning for educators at Karolinska Institutet. MedEd Lab has it's origin from the Educators Network where the discussion will be held before, during and after the seminars.

We want to connect to discuss our experiences, expertise, approach to teaching and research within medical education. Together we hope to create a fora for learning together as we are trying out new methods.

Do you have ideas for upcoming seminars, or want to participate, in front or behind the camera, don't hesitate to contact us!


Teresa Sörö Educational developer