Conferences and symposiums Information meeting - Academic honesty - a learning activity

12-04-2021 8:30 am - 9:15 am Add to iCal

Cheating and plagiarism among students at universities and colleges is a phenomenon that is receiving more and more attention and which in many cases leads to disciplinary measures and serious consequences for the student.

AHOS (Academic Honesty Online for Students) is a learning activity for students that is about information and feedback on what academia considered to be academic honesty. What students learn here can be seen as a preventive work and the time they spend on this activity will be given in return when they improve their scientific writing.

The learning activity has been developed by Kay Sundberg and is used in the nursing program. 

Kay Sundberg and Madelen Lek will show the acitivity and speak about how it can be used in the education.

The learning activity comes in four tutorials:

  • Disciplinary matters
  • Write and cite
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyright

Link to the meeting.

More information: Academic-honesty-a-learning-activity-in-Canvas

Swedish: This meeting will also be given in swedish on the 29 of March.