Lectures and seminars HI Conversations - ’Think twice before you click’.

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Welcome to participate in 2022's first Health Informatics Conversations together with Sokratis Nifakos.

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Sokratis Nifakos, PhD student, System developer, Health Informatics, Health Informatics Centre (HIC), LIME, KI


”’Think twice before you click’. How human vulnerabilities affecting the Cybersecurity and Privacy aspects within healthcare organizations.”

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a prominent concern among healthcare providers in adopting digital technologies for improving the quality of care delivered to patients. The recent reports on cyberattacks, such as ransomware and WannaCry, have brought to life the destructive nature of such attacks upon healthcare.

In complement to cyberattacks, which have been targeted against the vulnerabilities of information technology (IT) infrastructures, a new form of cyberattack aims to exploit human vulnerabilities. Such attacks are categorized as engineering attacks. Following an increase in the frequency and ingenuity of attacks launched against hospitals and clinical environments with the intention of causing service disruption, there is a strong need to study the level of awareness programs and training activities offered to the staff by healthcare organizations.

What are the Health Informatics Conversations?

HI Conversations - a seminar series about Health Informatics

The conversations are about research-oriented health informatics topics, i.e. – presenting a published article, your research area, a relevant theory or a method etc.  

The Health Informatics Conversations will be recurring the last Thursday (except for June and December) every month at 12.00 via Zoom and last for one hour. This hour includes 20 minutes of presentation and leaves the rest of the time for discussions, all in English.

If you are a PhD-student – this is a credit-bearing activity, as long as the topic is relevant for your research.