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Welcome to HI Conversations with Erik Sundvall!


This HI Conversations presents Erik Sundvall's talk about procurement in healthcare settings: 

Please stop buying yesterday’s 'all inclusive' Health IT-systems!

Swedish regions have bought “new” monolithic Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to replace their even older monolithic EHR systems. Experiences indicate that such transition processes are painful. 

This short talk highlights some of the well-known root causes of integration problems and the common strategies available to handle them. Buying a monolithic EHR is just one of the strategies, and nowadays usually not the best strategy at the complexity level of a big Swedish healthcare region. 

The Spanish region Catalonia and many others (including in Scandinavia) are instead going for a more open platform approach using vendor-neutral standards like openEHR and FHIR and avoid monolithic EHR systems. Karolinska University Hospital has started using such a platform approach internally and hope to extend the usage to others.

 Erik Sundvall’s main job is at Karolinska University Hospital as an Information Architect working mainly with the Health Data Platform, integrations and health informatics. Erik is also an affiliated researcher at HIC, LIME, Karolinska Institutet and Act. Lecturer in Medical Informatics at IMT, Linköping University.

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