Lectures and seminars HERM seminar series - “How does the tumour suppressor p53 prevent the development of cancer?”

25-09-2023 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Flemingsberg Gene in Neo, Blickagången 16/Online

The Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine (HERM) at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) organizes a seminar series with invited outstanding researchers/scientists in the fields of hematology, immunology and regenerative medicine. The seminar series provides great opportunities for researchers at different levels to interact with world-leading experts in the related fields. This is a seminar with Professor Andreas Strasser.

Guest speaker

Professor Andreas Strasser, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia.


"How does the tumour suppressor p53 prevent the development of cancer?"


Margs Brennan, HERM (MedH), KI.

Attend on site

You will be able to attend all HERM seminars on site and online with reservation for changes.
Sandwich and mineral water will be available for the 40 first participants.

Attend online

To attend online, please contact Sri Sahlin at HERM. Zoom link will be provided by email before the seminar.


Sri Sahlin Coordinator