Lectures and seminars Health Literacy for researchers and doctoral students - webinar 4

04-10-2024 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Add to iCal

"Health literacy & qualitative research"

The programme for doctoral education in health care science (PUF-V) welcomes all doctoral students and researchers at KI, and other interested parties, to a webinar series (in English) focusing on Health Literacy. The two-hour webinars will consist of lectures and discussions between lecturers and participants. Self-study between webinars is recommended.

Health literacy & qualitative research

Presentation and dialogue on health literacy research using inductive and deductive qualitative study design. Review of research considerations (from planning to dissemination of results) when involving a study population with a different mother tongue and cultural background than your own.


Register for the webinar series via link. An email with a zoom link will be sent out approximately a week before the first webinar.


Josefin Wångdahl, MSc Public Health, PhD. Assistant Professor at Aging Research Center, Karolinska institutet and Stockholm University, and at the Division of Nursing, NVS, Karolinska institutet. Swedish research representant in the European WHO supported Health Literacy Network (MPOHL), member of the Research Standards Committee of the International Health Literacy Association (IHLA), and manager for the Swedish Health Literacy Network and the Swedish webbpage on health literacy. She will contribute to all four webinars.

Annika Grynne, MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner, doctoral student in Health and Welfare at Jönköping University. Her research area is digital technology. She will present a qualitative thematic deductive study in which she used the integrated model of health literacy. The study explored how women diagnosed with breast cancer access, understand, appraise, and apply health information through a digital information tool before, during, and after radiation therapy treatment.


Josefin Wångdahl Assistant Professor