Lectures and seminars Gender Equity in Academia in the wake of COVID19

27-05-2021 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Add to iCal
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The Junior Faculty Equality Focus Group Seminar Series at KI is pleased to be joined by Jessica Malisch from St. Mary’s College of Maryland to give a talk titled: “Gender Equity in Academia in the wake of COVID19.”

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has upended life in academia, with work, teaching, and meetings happening remotely. Additionally, shifts in household labor and childcare have increased mental health needs and reduced the time available to perform academic work.

A pandemic amplifies the mental, physical, social, and economic impacts attributable to preexisting inequities in academia. Making matters worse, in these stressful times, biased decision-making processes are favored, which threaten to deprioritize equity initiatives. Dr. Malisch will discuss the trends and existing literature.

Target group

The talk will be aimed at all Junior Researchers and early career investigators at KI, and anyone who is interested in the topic.




Alexandra Wennberg Postdoctoral researcher