Lectures and seminars Fika for equality: ”An Inclusive workplace – What can we all do to create a Friendlier workplace?”

11-02-2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Add to iCal
Online Via Teams

In a 60-minute inspiring lecture, with the aim of promoting a good work culture, Friends will go through the topics of consensus within the organisation and validation techniques and strategies, to start the conversation on what you as an individual can do to create a friendlier worksplace.

The aim is for the organisation to create the basis for a common language, which in turn gives an increased feeling of security and inclusion. Friends will give you ideas on how everyone can work preventively to reduce bullying and exclusion in the team. The purpose is to inspire and provide increased insight into how small micro-actions can have a great effect, both for the individual and for the work climate.

OBS! The lecture is held in English.

Lecturer: Maria Loodberg works as an expert advisor on bullying at Friends and has been working at Friends for about 4 years. She has a background within school and education/training.

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Taher Darreh-Shori Principal Researcher