Lectures and seminars Faculty event with lunch: Ida Karlsson

29-11-2022 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Wargentin lecture hall

Speaker: Ida Karlsson
Title: The heterogeneity of overweight, and the risk of age-related disease


Being overweight in midlife is a well-established risk factor for several late-life diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. However, overweight is a heterogeneous phenotype, where for example the phenotype “metabolically healthy obesity” is associated with far less adverse health outcomes than metabolically unhealthy obesity. Similarly, overweight driven by a genetic predisposition may be less detrimental than overweight driven by environmental factors, such as unhealthy lifestyle, and in late-life a higher BMI is in fact associated with better health outcomes. I will present results from studies aiming to understand this heterogeneity, by examining how and why different forms of overweight differ, and how they associate with dementia and cardiovascular disease.

Welcome to Wargentin for the faculty event! After the seminar, the faculty lunch will be served in Ljusgården.