Lectures and seminars Faculty event: Catarina Almqvist Malmros and team

19-10-2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Add to iCal

Speaker: Catarina Almqvist Malmros and team
Title: Causes, consequences and comorbidities of childhood asthma

Causes, consequences and comorbidities of childhood asthma

The prevalence of childhood asthma has increased in many nations around the world until recently, and the WHO estimates that they are among the most frequent non-communicable diseases in children. Although many early life risk factors have been proposed, the underlying mechanisms are mostly unknown and it is only recently that novel methods and designs have been able to unravel if factors are truly causal or due to confounding from familial (genetic and environmental) factors. Asthma shows increased comorbidity with several other neuropsychiatric and somatic disorders and may share etiological factors, although consequences and the impact of genetic or environmental factors are far from understood. In this Faculty event, three of our post-docs (Samuel Rhedin, Mwenya Mubanga and Tong Gong) will share ongoing projects on causes (pneumonia, covid-19) consequences (microbiota) and comorbidities (inflammatory bowel disease) of childhood asthma.

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Catarina Almqvist Malmros Professor/Senior Physician