Lectures and seminars Ethical Influencing: How to Persuade People Without Manipulation

14-01-2021 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Add to iCal
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Textbooks about persuasion and influence always focus on techniques that are objectively manipulative, where people attempt to persuade you to do something while concealing this goal. Most commercial and political persuasion is equally manipulative, which is neither ethical nor even effective in the long term. But is there an alternative? In this talk Andrew Hennigan argues that there actually is a radically different approach that starts from a decision to use only “white hat” techniques.


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Target Group

PhD students, Postdocs and Researchers, but others at KI are welcome too.

About the Speaker

Andrew Hennigan is a speaker, speaker coach and writer based in Stockholm. As a speaker he works regularly at Karolinska Institutet, other universities, businesses and organizations, speaking about practical networking, effective speaking, ethical influencing skills, communicating innovation and other related topics. He is also a professional speaker coach, helping individuals and groups to craft impactful presentations and talks in the least possible time, and he has been a TEDxStockholm volunteer since 2015.


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