Lectures and seminars Engaging your audience with improved interview skills – face-to-face or in a digital setting

09-11-2021 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Online conference
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Interviewing is not only asking questions, it's seeking information and then using it to further the interview. How do the professionals approach it? What are the skills and secrets of conducting a really good interview and how can you improve your in-person and digital interviewing?

As a researcher you need to be able to drive a discussion or panel forward in an energetic way, and as a teacher you like to engage your learners. Interviewing is about engaging the audience - an audience that may have a short attention span on the screen in front of you. How do you grab the audience, hold on to it and make sure that what you are saying is heard and understood?

Learn from a former BBC News anchor who has spent 40 years asking questions and talking to audiences.  Would you like to know the secret of success?

Maxine Mawhinney
Maxine Mawhinney Photo: Unknown

Maxine Mawhinney

To your assistance we have one of BBC:s former head anchor that have conducted thousands of interviews with reluctant, hesitant and eager participants. Maxine Mawhinney is one of the most experienced journalists, broadcasters and interviewers in the UK with an award-winning career covering some of the major global news stories of the last 40 years including the Clinton presidency and the death of Princess Diana. She spent 21 years as a senior news anchor at BBC TV News in London and founded the BBC College of Journalism. She is a Senior Faculty member at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm where she lectures in the Communications programme. Maxine is a sought-after international keynote speaker, conference host, interviewer, broadcaster and panel moderator.

This seminar is part 2 in our workshops with Maxine Mawhinney. The first one is given Oct 13 and focused on how to run and present in a scientific panel discussion.