Conferences and symposiums En resa genom hjärnan - Open Symposium on research and technology in neuroscience

11-03-2024 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Add to iCal
Karolinska University Hospital, Solna Sal Sune Bergström, BioClinicum, ingång från Eugeniavägen 3
Brain model cut through showing different parts of the brain.
Brain puzzle. Brain model showing the various areas of the brain. Photo: Johanna Mayer

The Strategic Neuroscience Research Network (StratNeuro) at Karolinska Institutet celebrates the International Brain Awareness Week with an open symposium on Monday 11 March 2024, to be held in BioClinicum, Campus Solna.

The Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research, organized by the Dana Foundation.

Come listen to seminars, do experiments or talk to an expert in the field of neuroscience. We welcome visitors of all ages, young and older (most suitable for ages 12 and up).

If you haven’t attended our 2023 open symposium and want to see some highlights from last year, please check En resa genom hjärnan 2023.


During the afternoon you will have the opportunity to listen to various talks, do experiments, or pick a researchers brain. We will be in BioClinicum's conference hall.

We will have fun displays, experiments and games where you will learn amazing things about neurons and the brain and much more, for instance:

  • See the electrical signals from your neurons and muscles on a computer screen
  • Control a robotic claw or even another person’s arm using only the electrical signals from your muscles
  • Learn how muscle reflexes work 
  • See the electrical rhythms of your own brain


Registration to the event is open and free of charge (limited to 300 participants). You can register for the event by completing and submitting the form En resa genom hjärnan (link).


Parts of the programme will also be livestreamed. We encourage everyone to attend in person, but for those who cannot attend in person, please register for our livestream and we will send you the link (Zoom).


Anders Hansen

Psychiatrist and Author

Open seminars (Sal Sunne Bergström)

A StratNeuro event

Organised by Alina Aaltonen, Vilma Alanko, Abishek Arora, Thomas Contesse, Ljerka Delac, Asimenia Gkogka, Marina Slashcheva, Julia Spielbauer, Liesbeth Voorbraeck, Vasco Sousa.