Lectures and seminars Educators Day 2023: Education in a changing world

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Campus Flemingsberg

On September 27th the Educators Day will be arranged at KI.

Educators day
Illustration: Helen Gelin, UoL.

Educators Day 2023

We live in a time of great change. The pandemic, a volatile political environment, and new technological possibilities all pose challenges to Karolinska Institutet.

This year's Educators Day focuses on adaptation and coping with the constant changes in the world around us, whilst maintaining the status of being one of the world’s leading providers of education programs in healthcare and medicine.


The programme for Educators day will include both keynote speaker, panel discussion on how can we be innovative and integrate the changes/improvements that we see possible. How can we be innovative, adapt to changes and remain open to new possibilities but in a sustainable way? 

During the afternoon there will be workshops.