Dissertations Doctoral thesis defence: Jakub Lewicki

01-11-2019 9:30 am - 11:59 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Inghesalen Lecture Hall, Tomtebodavägen 18a, Solna

"Generation and investigation of neural microenvironment in health and disease"


Jakub Lewicki, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neuroscience

Main supervisor

Ola Hermanson, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neuroscience


Bertrand Joseph, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Environmental Medicine


Dr. Yu Shrike Zhang, Harvard Medical School, Department of Medicine, USA

Examination board

Dr. Jan-Bernd Stukenborg, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Women's and Children's Health

Roman Chrast, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neuroscience

Dr. Gemma Mestres Beà, Uppsala University, Department of Engineering Sciences