Dissertations Dissertation Isabella Gripe

09-06-2023 10:00 am Add to iCal
Campus Solna Petrénsalen, Nobelsväg 12B

Title: Cannabis use in adolescence: Studies of trends, correlates and adverse mental health consequences

Principal Supervisor

Professor Mats Ramstedt, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet


Docent Anna-Karin Danielsson, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet

Professor Thor Norström, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University


Senior researcher Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Examination Board 

Docent Mats Anderberg, Department of Social Work, Linnaeus University

Docent Ylva Brännström Almquist, Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University

Docent Charlotte Borg Skoglund, Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University


Isabella Tani Gripe Affiliated to Research