Lectures and seminars Displacement effects of the pandemic: What is the scope of the problem, and what is KI's responsibility?

20-05-2021 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Add to iCal

What displacement effects has the pandemic led to? Have some populations or groups been more affected than others? What prioritizations have been made (consciously or unconsciously)? What ethical issues have been neglected during the pandemic?

This seminar will be held in Swedish.

This afternoon seminar, hosted by the Karolinska Institutet Ethics Council, will be held in Swedish.


  • Ole Petter Ottersen, President, Karolinska Institutet
  • Claes Frostell, professor and anaesthesiologist, Karolinska Institutet
  • Jonas Ludvigsson, professor and pediatrician, Karolinska Institutet
  • Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, UNICEF
  • Anna Mia Ekström, professor and infectious disease physician, Karolinska Institutet
  • Christina Dalman, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet
  • Jesper Roine, professor and economist, Stockholm University
  • Torbjörn Tännsjö, professor and ethicist, Stockholm University
  • Göran Stiernstedt, member of the Corona Commission and chairman of the board of Karolinska Institutet