Lectures and seminars Developing learner feedback literacy - MedEd Lab with Professor Liz Molloy

27-10-2021 9:00 am - 10:30 am Add to iCal

Although feedback is central to learning, it is often reported to be ineffective. In this workshop Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Director of Interprofessional Education and Practice at Melbourne University, will introduce the concept of learner feedback literacy and provide illustrative examples of what this can look like in healthcare and higher education contexts.

Developing learner feedback literacy: seeking, processing and using performance relevant information for the task, and beyond

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Although feedback is central to learning, it is often reported to be ineffective. Academic and healthcare institutions have responded to ‘the feedback problem’ by training more educators to be better at delivering feedback information to recipients. Rather than doing more of the same, with little effect, our recent research suggests that we would do better to reframe what is meant by feedback, and in doing so, encourage learners to have a more active role in the process.  

In this interactive session, Liz introduce the concept of learner feedback literacy, and provide illustrative examples of what this can look like in healthcare and higher education contexts. Educators will be challenged to think about what they can do to support learner agency within feedback processes, including acknowledging the important role of emotion in learning.   

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Prof Elizabeth Molloy, Melbourne University
Prof Elizabeth Molloy, Melbourne University. Photo: N/A.

Professor Elizabeth Molloy

Liz Molloy is Professor of Work Integrated Learning in the Department of Medical Education, and Director of Interprofessional Education and Practice in the Faculty MDHS at the University of Melbourne. Liz completed a PhD in 2006 on feedback in clinical education. Her research focuses on feedback and assessment, workplace learning, and interprofessional learning and practice.

Liz was awarded a KIPRIME Fellow in 2019, and is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Health Professions Education (ANZAHPE).

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