Lectures and seminars Culture and Brain Seminar - Thinking bodies and moving brains: Exploring what neuroscience and AI can teach us about dance

15-11-2021 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Online Zoom meeting (see link below)

Speaker: Professor Emily Cross, Glasgow University
Host: Gunnar Bjursell

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Expertise in the motor domain is something we recognize instantaneously in other people, whether a gymnast performing a double layout with a twist, a Super-G skier descending a steep course at 80 mph, or a dancer bounding into the air and effortlessly spinning 4 times before landing with aplomb. While we might be able to readily recognize expertise in others, the degree to which action experts can coordinate or move their bodies in profoundly different ways to non-experts raises intriguing questions for those interested in shared representations between the self and others in our social world. Namely, how does an observer’s ability to embody an action impact how she perceives that action, and how might perception change as further experience with the observed action is acquired? In this talk, I attempt to address these questions by considering empirical research that uses dance as a model system to explores the relationship between an actor and an observer’s motor abilities, and how expertise impacts this relationship.




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