Lectures and seminars CTMR Bug Corner: Tamara García Barrera (UHU) - "Impact of maternal disorders and infections in shaping the metallomic and metabolomic profile of human milk: the potential link with microbiota"

14-09-2023 9:00 am - 10:00 am Add to iCal
Campus Solna Via Zoom or A0812 (if have access to Biomedicum)

Prof. Tamara García-Barrera is professor in Analytical Chemistry at the Universidad de Huelva in Spain. Her research interests focus on environmental analysis and biomedicine.

She has expertise in sample analysis (metallomics, heteroatom-tagged proteomics, chemical speciation, metabolomics, meta-omics). Her current studies are related with the impact of pollutants on the gut metabolome and gut microbiota as well as their interaction with the gut-brain crosstalk. She is also interested in nutraceuticals and functional food enriched in selenium, the antagonistic action of selenium against pollutants, the mother-offspring transfer of selenoproteins, trace metals, metabolites and microbiota and their influence on the gut (enteromammary gland)-brain axis.


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